More About Me


Patience – it's a rare quality in today's hurry-up world – and a quality Robin Nelson has learned from her many years in the personal service industry. She has learned to be patient and understanding and has brought these traits into her real estate practice. Time and attention are gifts she gives freely – listening while clients share their dreams and goals, then answering their questions and helping them explore their options without pressure. Although buying or selling a home is an exciting time, it still can come with stress and uncertainty in our ever changing market. Robin utilizes her talent for guiding people through the unfamiliar and emotional process, as well as her skill and experience in the real estate process, while remaining calm under pressure, to ensure a successful experience.
Robin's decision to enter the field of real estate evolved from her life-long love of houses, decorating, and remodeling - plus her desire to be a part of a business that helps people achieve their goals.

Robin moved to Brentwood 23 years ago, when it was still a small town with under 10,000 people and only 5 stop lights. She has worked in the community for 21 years, has watched it grow into the Brentwood we know today. She and her husband have raised their 2 daughters in the house they first bought when they moved to town, who are both now working and going to college. She loves animals, especially dogs and has 2 Labrador Retrievers and spending time with her family.